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“A scourge”: Carrefour Express facing a serious problem

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En two weeks, a third armed attack took place in a supermarket in Vilvoorde, local police reported on Saturday.

The mayor of the commune, Hans Bonte, attacked Annelies Verlinden, Minister of the Interior. “She must understand that around Brussels, our citizens have the right to protection and security. “It’s starting to look like culpable negligence on the minister’s part. »

The attack took place this Saturday morning, around 7:30 am. Two people entered the Carrefour Express and threatened the staff with firearms. After recovering money, the perpetrators fled in a gray car.

On August 29 and September 4, another Carrefour Express in the town was attacked, without it being known whether there is a link between the three attacks.

“It seems that our city is under the control of a gang of robbers and we can only make the painful observation that our police lack people and means to be effective”, commented the mayor.

The head of the Hal-Vilvoorde police zone denounces “a scourge” and “the bankruptcy of the federal canal plan”.