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A returning Superstar to spoil Rey Mysterio’s RAW festivities

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Rey Mysterio debuted in WWE on the side of SmackDown on July 25, 2002 on our screens and today here we are 20 years later to celebrate his career anniversary.

The legend spoke in the ring to thank the fans and also each of the people who helped him reach this peak. He also took the opportunity to congratulate his son Dominik and say how proud he is that Dominik continues to represent the Mysterio name when he is in another world. The family then went backstage to celebrate and Rhea Ripley showed up.

Rhea Ripley pushed Aalyah, Rey’s daughter, to provoke the family and the rest of Judgment Day arrived to attack the Mysterios in revenge for the defeat suffered just before. Ripley had been out of WWE since June 6, 2022 after suffering a tooth and head injury. She had also been seen with a heart monitor which seemed to perhaps announce bad news.

Her return confirms that she is now better and that she can return to the ring following this physical altercation. Moreover, the Mysterios will face Damian Priest and Finn Balor at SummerSlam this Saturday in a match without disqualification, Reha Ripley will not be far away. It will be necessary to watch if the daughter of Rey Mysterio will not accompany her family to protect them.

The return of Rhea Ripley:

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