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A piece of jet engine falls on the roof of his garage in Waremme

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He believed in a clap of thunder. A very big clap of thunder… Last night, a plane lost a piece of a reactor while flying over Waremme. Piece that fell… on the roof of a private garage.

“I was in my room between 12:30 a.m. and 1 a.m.”, explains the Waremmien this morning. Louis Demaret, a former postman well known in the region, lives on Allée du Long Pré in Waremme, in a dead end street. And the Waremmien was in his room when he heard a plane passing low. “Very low, even very very lowhe explains. The noise was very loud.” And all of a sudden, “a very big boom sounded. Like a clap of thunder. I thought that was it. I thought the storm had fallen nearby.” The alarm that the former postman sets off every evening before going to sleep even went off, but without the Waremmien attributing it to anything specific. But clearly, he never thought of leaving his house… to check if his house was still in one piece. “I really believed that lightning had struck somewhere.”

However, it was not the lightning that fell so close to his home but rather… a part of the famous plane that flew over his house and Waremme. And the part fell on the roof of Louis Demaret’s garage, causing famous damage. When the Waremmien came out of his house this morning, he was able to become aware of it. The reactor part had landed in his garden. Neither one nor two, the man called the police who, in turn, called the fire department. “My roof is pierced”notes the Waremmien, rather annoyed but aware of having avoided greater damage… “It’s a big piece. I know I’m going to be compensated, that the insurance is going to work.”

The police have contacted Bierset airport which, for sure, will launch an investigation. This morning, the Hesbaye firefighters were on site.