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A new Pokémon, picnics, and more for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple – PXLBBQ

New in-game features and a new Pokémon from the Paldea region were revealed today in a trailer. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purplethe new installments in the Pokémon video game saga, will be released on Switch consoles on November 18, 2022.

Discover Farigiraf

The black head of its tail and its main head merged as a result of its evolution. Farigiraf’s powers are enhanced by the synchronization of his two brains. He can thus emit psychic waves from his antennae. Farigiraf is always on his toes, and he can spot any danger in an instant. However, his body is very often unable to react as quickly as his two brains.

The new talent Ruminant of Farigiraf makes its appearance in these opuses. It allows a Pokémon to eat a Berry a second time after having already consumed it in the previous turn. Caudal Armor is also a new talent of Farigiraf which appears for the first time in these games. It prevents opposing Pokémon from using priority moves.


  • Category : Pokemon Long-Neck
  • Kind : Normal/Psychic
  • Cut : 3.2m
  • Weight : 160.0kg
  • Skills: Ruminant / Tail Armor


Players will be able to picnic almost anywhere across the region’s vast wilderness. They will be able to choose the patterns of the tablecloths, glasses, bottles and other objects in order to personalize their setting. Sandwiches don’t just restore Pokémon’s Hit Points, they also grant various useful effects for adventure!

It is possible to prepare all kinds of Sandwiches during picnics. Players will first need to decide what topping and condiments to use, as well as what skewer will keep the end result in one piece. It will then be necessary to meticulously arrange these ingredients on the slices of bread, taking care to keep them well balanced, in order to prevent the Sandwich from collapsing!

Fans will also be able to enjoy picnics with their loved ones thanks to Club Union, simply by moving closer to another person’s picnic to participate in it together, as well as with their Pokémon!

Pokémon grooming

In these games, Pokémon can get dirty when moving or fighting. Picnics will allow them to be groomed, in order not only to clean them, but also to restore their Health Points and thus strengthen the bonds of friendship they maintain with their Trainer.

The CT Machine

Technique Capsules, or TCs, allow Pokémon to learn new abilities. In these games, a new device present in all Pokémon Centers allows you to create your own CTs: the CT Machine. Players will be able to use their League Points (LP) and samples left by wild Pokémon after a battle to craft TMs. LP can be obtained by advancing in the story, or by trading Pokémon samples.

The selection of CTs available expands over the course of the adventure. The CTs are for single use, but with the necessary LP and samples, it will be possible to create them at will thanks to the CT Machine.