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A new loot window for Dragonflight

As you know, the WoW interface will evolve enormously with Dragonflight, and incidentally the 10.0 prepatch. Recently, Blizzard added two new features, namely a new icon for rare monsters and a completely new loot window.

The UI has evolved gradually over the expansions, but Dragonflight is a real renewal. If it will be possible to keep certain historical elements, it’s a safe bet that the majority of players will appreciate a more modern interface which, by the way, will mark a rather profound difference when you switch to WoW Classic.

While playing this morning, I noticed the arrival of a new icon for rare monsters. It’s quite anecdotal, but it’s visible enough to show it to you.

More important is the complete redesign of the loot window. As you can see, the difference is obvious with the version 9.2.7 on which we play at the moment. It’s not bad at all and you can for example see that the quality is spelled out in the upper right corner of the items.

Some of you will also notice that the cross to close the window is larger than usual. This is not specific to the loot, the cross has actually grown for all of the game’s windows.