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A new instant translation app, made for travel – Geeko

Pocketalk allows you to instantly translate any text, visual or voice conversation into 82 different languages.

You may remember the Pocketalk, a curious accessory that took the form of an iPod and made it possible to instantly translate any oral conversation into one of the 82 languages ​​supported by the software. The start-up behind this project took advantage of the Berlin technology fair to launch a new product. A mobile app that broadly resumes the features of its product.

Concretely, you no longer need to buy one of these little boxes to take advantage of the text, visual and voice conversation translation service, the app does exactly the same thing! On the other hand, it will be necessary to subscribe to a subscription formula at €2.95/month or €29.95/year. A change in business model that should allow the company to reach a much wider audience.

Unlike Google Translate, Pocketalk was designed to translate voice conversations instantly. It therefore turns out to be a very practical tool for traveling all over the world.

During the pandemic, the accessory was used in particular to translate conversations between members of a cruise ship and passages in Asia.

The mobile app also provides various tools, such as a currency, length and temperature converter.

To download it, go to the App Store or the Play Store.

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