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A new character class is coming soon to Dofus

A brand new character class will soon be arriving in the Dofus universe! Find out everything we know about it.

The universe of Dofus continues to grow steadily, and new features are regularly added to the game, but also to other game-related media: Wakfu, Dofus Touch and Waven. Soon, a whole new character class will join the game, called Lance-Dur! Find out everything we know about him so far.

Lance-Dur, the new class of Dofus

Is the month of December 2022 that this brand new class should be releasedaccording to the schedule communicated by Ankama on the official website (source). For the moment, little information has been revealed about him, but we do know that a Special Lance-Dur Krosmonote will take place in Octoberrevealing more information about this new class.

In addition to that, various Forgenews will take place throughout this end of the year, also revealing other information about Lance-Dur. It is in Dofus Touch that the class will be added first, in November.

For the moment, no precise date has been communicated by Ankama, simply a month-by-month calendar of announcements and additions to come.

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