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A Miss France runner-up reveals her impressive transformation: she lost 25Kg (video)

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Cécile Wolfrom talks about her spectacular weight loss in a video posted on social networks.

In 2021, Cécile Wolfrom was elected second runner-up to Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022. Before parading on the catwalks, the young woman displayed a completely different silhouette. She recounts her journey in a video posted on TikTok and Instagram. “My name is Cécile Wolfrom. Before, I was completely invisible”she begins. “25 kilos later and a Miss France podium!”

We then discover how Cécile Wolfrom achieved this impressive weight loss. “In reality, it was done in two stages, she explains. At first, I lost 19 kilos in two and a half months. And after that, I lost the remaining 8 kilos – I lost a little more than 25 kilos actually – just by maintaining a healthy diet and working out five times a week.”.

“For the first 20 kilos, I went on a diet, she continues. It was done very exactly in 12 weeks. I completely eliminated several things: starchy foods, sugar including fruits, fats “. And to specify: “I no longer put olive oil in my salads, I made myself a sauce from 0% yoghurt, lemon and crushed tomatoes. The vegetables were steamed, the meat I cooked was also without oil.

A drastic diet, but with immediate effects. “I needed something strict that motivated me where I really saw the pounds coming off day after day. If I was just a little careful I never really lost.” In 12 weeks, Cécile Wolfrom has allowed herself no deviation: “Once a piece of bread and another time two sushi. That’s all!”, she welcomes. The young woman has lost the last kilos “in [se] pleasing, while continuing the sport”.