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A key character from “Plus belle la vie” will die in this Monday’s episode (Spoilers)

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In recent days, sadness has been read on the faces of the actors of More beautiful life. And, for good reason, these were filming, this Thursday, the final episode of the France 3 soap opera. The end of a beautiful story for the cast but also for viewers who have been following the adventures of the Mistral since 2004.

To this sentence, already heavy, the faithful of the series will be able to add that of an unexpected disappearance. Present since the first episode of More beautiful life, Roland Marci will die of a heart attack in next Monday’s episode. A production decision that does not really surprise Michel Cordes, interpreter of the manager of the Mistral bar, “It didn’t surprise me that much. Many people told me that Roland was the emblematic character of the series. Hubert Besson, who helped make PBLV, said it was the ‘totemic’ character of the soap opera. The mainstay of the series. So, if we remove the tribe, we destroy the totem. Anyway, I experienced it that way. It seems quite logical to me“, explains to Allociné the one who had been more discreet in recent years in the series.

I shot Roland’s death a week before quitting. But I must say that the day of the last sequence, it was something. When the whole team applauds you for 10 minutes, it stirs. It’s eighteen years of adventure this series“, continues the 77-year-old actor who would be ready to shoot in “a series inspired” of More beautiful life. Will this one see the light of day? Only the future will tell us…

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