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A fridge that changes color and sings – Geeko

LG’s new fridge features color-changing LED door panels. Users will be able to choose a wide range of colors for these doors and even play music through a built-in speaker. The block also has “LG’s advanced refrigeration and smart technologies”the statement said.

The choice of colors will be made via the LG ThinQ application. Users will be able to search for their favorite color among 22 shades for the upper door panel and 19 colors for the lower panel. Several themes will also be available, including Season, Location, Mood and Pop. Season Represents Different Times Of The Year And Mood “elicits a sense of well-being through the use of soft, soothing colors”presents LG.

The fridge has a Bluetooth speaker. It can therefore connect to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. “Users can match their mood – or the fridge’s current color or theme – with songs from their favorite music streaming apps, or from the ThinQ app’s Music Collection playlist”, presents the South Korean multinational. Small surprise, when the speaker plays music, the LED panels of the MoodUp can change color in synchronization with the music. Finally, thanks to artificial intelligence, the user experience is improved thanks to features such as voice recognition, in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Avoid poorly closed doors

From a practical point of view, the fridge door sensor detects when the fridge compartment has been open too long. In this case, the panel of the door left open flashes repeatedly, which helps to avoid loss of cold air and unnecessary energy consumption. Small additional feature, the two panels start flashing as a sign of welcome when the motion sensors detect someone. When not illuminated, the fridge offers a traditional gray and white color combination.

It remains to know now the price and the energy consumption of this futuristic fridge.

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