You are currently viewing A French rapper creates controversy with homophobic remarks: “I don’t like men who steal women’s work”

A French rapper creates controversy with homophobic remarks: “I don’t like men who steal women’s work”

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The remarks made LGBT associations jump. And for good reason: the rapper of Russian origin Tovaritch had openly homophobic remarks in a music titled 2CB. “It’s not the Marais here, no it’s not gay pride. I don’t like men who s***** men and who steal women’s work”here are the lyrics sung by the rapper.

Better known for his sports program or his videos than for his musical talent, Tovarich has certainly succeeded. Namely to give a spotlight to a relatively anonymous career. But he also drew the wrath of several associations, including Stop Homophobia, who decided to file a complaint.

The remarks also shocked several Parisian elected officials. Like Yohann Roszéwitch, the deputy mayor of Paris Center in charge of the fight against discrimination, who wanted “condemn this act and these words” on Twitter.

Same story for Clément Beaune: “Unbearable and scandalous. Full support for the CenterLGBT Paris, the fight against stupidity, violence and intolerance continues,” said the Minister of Transport, himself a homosexual.

Following the torrents of criticism, the rapper chose to react. “You have a problem with me, I have nothing against you”he explains on Instagram this Saturday. “Basically, I was judging the act itself and not the people, you know that very well. If you feel persecuted, go back to reality.” Tovaritch also claims that he takes this controversy with “humor” while bragging about the success of his clip.

The Russian-born Frenchman also provoked the LGBT community with other stories whose title was “Come on, let’s make peace”. Voluntarily mocking, he first went looking for a pie “with all the colors”. He then went to distribute it to the LGBTQI+ Center, a place designed to fight against all forms of discrimination. “As you do a great job, I felt indebted, I offered you a little pie”he says hilarious.