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A free headset, a smartphone or 50 euros: the following banks offer nice gifts to their new customers

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Guide-savings.beBanks try to convince you to become a customer by granting you better interest rates, tailor-made advantages and good service, among other things. Sometimes new customers even receive a small gift. Which? This depends among other things on your age. Below, provides you with an overview of the situation.

The fact that you do not have to pay for certain services is also a gift. Thus, the majority of banks offer free current accounts, intended for young people in general. Important note: Young people under the age of 18 need the authorization of a parent or legal guardian to open such an account.

The overview of contains 32 free current accounts. Below we mention a few that grant surprising welcome gifts.

For children and young people

Up to 50 euros in your account

BNP Paribas Fortis offers the Hello4You pack free of charge to young people aged 18 to 28. This pack includes a current account and a savings account, a debit card and a free credit card during the first year. Until January 29, you will receive a gift: the amount of 50 euros will be paid to you in this account.

The Beats New account is a Belfius payment account. This account is free for young people under 25. You will be entitled to a free personalized debit card and 2 instant payments per month. New customers who open a Belfius Beat account (Beats New and Beats Star) via the Belfius Mobile application will receive a welcome gift of 10 euros.

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Free tickets for events

KBC offers a free youth account (KBC Plus) for children and young people between the ages of 10 and 24. 2 debit cards are linked to this account. It also allows them to use online and mobile banking services. For young people, KBC also allows them to use mobile banking services via the free K-Ching smartphone app. This application allows users to benefit from a few promotions such as free tickets for events or offers in certain stores.

Headphones, smartphone or speaker

Crelan offers young people under 24 an Economy Pack free of charge. This pack includes, among other things, a current account, a maximum of 2 bank cards and access to online banking tools myCrelan and Crelan Mobile. Young people under 24 who opt for a Crelan Performance Pack will only have to pay 2 euros (instead of 6 euros) per month. If you are a new customer under the age of 24, you will receive a welcome gift from the bank. As soon as you have paid 50 euros into the Economy Pack or Performance Pack current account, you can choose one of the following gifts: a trendy helmet, a set of lenses for smartphone or tablet, a Bluetooth speaker or a charger portable.

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For adults

Up to 50 euros in your account

New Hello bank! (the mobile brand of BNP Paribas Fortis) will receive 50 euros by opening their first payment account there.

As mentioned before, even adults will receive a 10 euro gift by opening a Beat account via the Belfius Mobile application. Young people aged 25 or over must pay 3.50 euros per month for such an account.

Keytrade Bank is profiled by granting you a free current account, a savings account and a securities account. You will also receive a debit card and a credit card. This online bank will pay you 5 cents per transaction made on your current account.

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