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A first trailer for the Smurfs Kart video game – PXLBBQ

The editor Microids and IMPS are pleased to unveil the first trailer for the highly anticipated go-kart game, Smurfs Kart as well as its physical version “Turbo Edition”. The game is developed by Eden Games, a studio known for its iconic racing games (Gear.Club Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited, V-Rally) and will be available for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2022.

This very first trailer welcomes players to Smurfs Flight School with an introduction to the basics of Smurfs driving!

  • Lesson 1 : a good start is the best way to take the lead in the race! Hit the accelerator at the right time to get a speed boost.
  • Lesson #2 : Drifting allows you to negotiate the most difficult turns and even gives you an incredible acceleration boost.
  • Lesson #3 : Know the layouts of the circuits and you will be unbeatable! Use the ramps, discover all the shortcuts and roll over the boost zones to gain the advantage over your opponents.
  • Lesson #4 : Make the best use of the items you collect along the way! Acorns are Smurf-busting missiles, Sarsaparilla gives you a speed boost, and Protection Bubbles make you temporarily invulnerable. Best of all, each Smurf has their own special item to get rid of their opponents in a unique way!