You are currently viewing ‘A different woman every night’: Documentary sinks Prince Andrew once again

‘A different woman every night’: Documentary sinks Prince Andrew once again

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For several years, Prince Andrew has been at the heart of a scandal that taints the British royal family. Prince William and Harry’s uncle has been accused of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffrewho claims to have had sex with him when he was 17, in 2001. To get out of this story, Prince Andrew was able to benefit from the support of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to practically pay in his financial agreement with the victim. This allowed the brother of King Charles III not to find himself in the turmoil of a trial in New York. If the Duke of York was able to get out of it in the eyes of justice, the media continue to relate his setbacks, in particular in a new documentary.

The new documentary “Prince Andrew: Banished”, produced by the American platform peacockadds a dramatic layer to the Duke of York’s story by highlighting his relationship with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. In the documentary, they are journalists, the former press secretary of the Queen of England, several relatives of the monarchy and lawyers from Virginia Giuffre who spoke.

The problem is that this man is an idiot. There’s always a runt in a family, and Andrew was the runt of the British Royal Family,” explains smashingly Dickie Arbitratethe former press secretary of Elizabeth II. This statement is then completed by the journalist Phil damperroyalty expert: “He has never smoked or taken drugs or drank alcohol, his only major addiction is sex. This is not new and others are noticing the same thing:What we used to say at dinner parties was that he couldn’t keep his pants up,” says journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor.

You blubber

On this subject, Paul Page, a former royal protection officer serving from 1998 to 2004, recalls how outraged he was to find “so many women parade in the private apartments of prince Andrew”. “We used to joke that he should have put a revolving door in his room. The number of women coming in and out of there was unbelievable… (…) A different woman in her room every night.

But it is not limited to that, the former officer of the Palace also explains that one day, a member of staff did not return to the good graces of the darling of the queen, because he would have refused access to the premises. to a stranger.Listen to me, you fat guy: if you don’t let my guest in, i’m going down”, would have sanitized the Duke of York to his employee.

Following these various accusations, the Duke of York was banned from any official public appearance and deprived of his military titles at the start of the year. He is now considered a non-active member of the royal family.