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A chip implanted in his hand allows him to unlock his Tesla

No, Tesla does not (yet) offer to implant a microchip under your skin so that you can lock and unlock your vehicle. On the other hand, one of the Californian manufacturer’s customers took action on his own. Brandon, that’s his first name, had two chips implanted in his hand in order to store cryptocurrencies as well as sensitive data. Two appendages that also function as a key that allow our man to close his home while one of them can even unlock the doors of his Tesla Model 3.

The man is part of a test panel of one hundred people who are busy trying out these chips designed by the company Vivokey, which specializes in cryptobionic identity. These are coated with a substance that is biocompatible with body tissues. As a result, the latter naturally encapsulate everything shortly after implantation.

Undoubtedly, this technology currently considered futuristic should gradually become more democratic and win new followers. And if so, it’s a safe bet that car manufacturers will step into the breach!

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