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A Belgian company specializing in fries is for sale

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The Flemish Mylle family is looking for a partner to support the growth of Mydibel, its potato processing company in Mouscron.

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Saccording to information from The Echo, the Mylle family surveyed several potential prospective buyers for Mydibel (is one of the leaders in the French fry sector). For this, the shareholders called on the services of the investment bank ING and the law firm Stibbe.

The buyer will most likely have the profile of a strategic partner. Concretely, it could be the Flemish companies Agristo and Clarebout which are among the main exporters of frozen fries in Europe, but also Lutosa (a McCain entity) and the Dutch groups Aviko Farm Frites.

At what price ?

The sale price of the group could be between 300 and 400 million euros.

The CEO of the company, Marc Van Herreweghe did not wish to comment on the information from our colleagues from The Echo.