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5 tips to make summer evenings at home as long as possible

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LiviosWhen the fine weather arrives, we will want to enjoy the mild evenings directly. There is certainly no better place than your own garden. Evenings that can go on forever, right? Do you have welcoming garden furniture? The construction site Livios gives you five more tips that will make your summer evenings in the garden unforgettable moments.

1. Splendid lighting

And when night falls? There are better things to do than rush inside. Take your candlesticks out of your cupboards. Or create a pleasant atmosphere outside with a Swedish log. In the logs and candles section, you are spoiled for choice.

Do you have flower beds or borders or a lawn in your garden? Install solar lamps and create light and depth in your garden. The solar lamps charge during the day and switch on automatically when night falls. They make it easy to illuminate a path or, for example, a beautiful shrub. And for a magical atmosphere, nothing like solar light garlands. Hang them to illuminate your garden from above with extremely romantic light balls.

But you can also choose electronic ambient lighting because you benefit from good lighting both in winter and in summer. You can highlight certain areas or plants and thus create different moods. At the same time, you will extend this beautiful summer evening by a few hours. The lighting can also be controlled by a home automation system. Want to buy sustainable? Prefer led lighting. And you will also enjoy energy-efficiently.

2. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of summer

What would an evening be without music? Fussing with the radio is a thing of the past. Today, your loudspeakers are integrated into your garden. Create your own playlist and dance to the frenzied rhythms of salsa or let yourself be lulled by soft background music.

Technology is constantly evolving and thanks to various home automation applications, you no longer even have to change CDs. Grab your iPod or select the next track on your tablet or smartphone, comfortably seated on your terrace.

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3. Chilly? Warm up the atmosphere

The evenings cool down a little too quickly for your taste? Go back to basics with a brazier, integrated or not in your terrace. Consider warm, peaceful lighting in the evening. It’s not just a staple on cooler evenings. It is also an added value for your garden, just admire the original examples below!

Determine precisely the location of your brazier but also its dimensions. In winter, it can also serve as a very pleasant little fire in the garden. A brazier is above all perfect for creating conviviality and atmosphere. But it can also be used as a fire for toasting marshmallows and bread. A fun activity to do with family or friends.

4. Have you ever thought of an outdoor kitchen?

As soon as the sun comes out, we all take out our barbecues. The smell of meat invades the gardens and makes us all salivate. But there are other solutions. Do you have a lot of space in the garden? Why not install an outdoor kitchen? It exists in various colors and dimensions and can even consist of a pizza oven. The advantage of the outdoor kitchen is that it saves you from constantly going back and forth in your kitchen. In the end, you have everything at your fingertips. And is there a better feeling than having a good time in the kitchen in good company? Because you will now spend them in the garden with your family and friends.

5. And an umbrella for wetter evenings

Do you feel perfectly well outside? Are you not one of those people who are frightened by the wind and a light rain because above all you love the fresh air? However, take the precaution of installing a terrace awning. They are entirely made to measure for a perfect integration in your garden. Outside, the awning is a shelter against the wind and a light shower in summer.

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