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5 simple habits to adopt to boost your brain!


We’ve all wished we were smarter, but never had good viable techniques. What if you just had to have a few small daily habits?

While intelligence can hardly be quantified (no, just because you know everything about one particular area doesn’t mean you’re smarter than another), it could still be improved every day. By reading obviously, but also but simple habits.

Walk 10 minutes a day

The American media Gray Journalrecommended in 2019 to walk about ten minutes a day at measured intensity. Indeed, taking a walk outside your home, in a park or on the banks of a river, on the magnificent quays of the Marne for example, would allow better reflection and decision-making which may prove paying.

Airing the mind is essential after years marked by confinement. In addition, the weekly practice of physical activity is also more than recommended for better health. It could be walking, swimming, or even going to a gym.

Plan your days

Take the time to properly fill your schedule in your diary. An arranged schedule is a liberated spirit.

On an active day of about ten hours, the time of your awakening and your work, it is not possible to do everything or to do everything for as long as you wish. It is therefore necessary to store everything in advance in a defined slot (sport, shopping, leisure).

Exercise for the brain

IF physical activity remains essential for your health, the daily practice of mental exercises is also important. As wisely advised Gray Journalput a strain on your main organ by giving it games like the Sudoku, learning new things every day (this can be through a new language or reading new books). Make sure your brain has new information to remember at night before bed.

A good diet

So, it seems a bit boat said like that. It is obviously logical to eat well, but it is not always easy to understand that it is also necessary to have sufficient consumption. In the morning, a simple fruit with a dairy product can be enough for you for the hours that come before lunch.

In the evening, do not eat too much, it will prevent you from sleeping properly. Obviously, do not skip any meals, as it is extremely difficult, even dangerous, to do a task with an empty stomach. Eat better yes, but eat enough, not excess.

Less anxiety-provoking information

On social networks, which in recent years have become an “essential to have”, while it would sometimes be better to do without it, we are regularly confronted with bad news: deaths, pandemic, accidents etc A toxicity that in the long term can have an impact on our morale.

Your brain registers this anxiety-provoking information. To remedy this somewhat gloomy climate, you can follow positive, funny, even inspiring accounts that can be found galore on Instagram. This “good news” may not do you any good at first, but in the long run, it will do you good.