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$5 million payment from Vince McMahon to Donald Trump identified

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Last week the investigation into Vince McMahon continued and we learned of the discovery of two new payments of 5 million dollars made in the greatest secrecy by Vince McMahon.

Today the Walls Street Journal reported on the case and we learn that 5 million dollars were paid to the foundation of Donald Trump. Indeed, the WSJ discovered that a payment of 4 million was made to the foundation of Donald Trump in 2007 within the framework of WrestleMania 23 and a second in 2009, of 1 million dollars this time. Expenses that should have been listed as company expenses since Vince McMahon is the main shareholder, but he had decided not to communicate on it. Besides, the scandal was released in 2018, but was not specifically related to WrestleMania 23.

The WSJ discovered in the contract that the 4 million was an expense directly related to Trump’s appearance at WrestleMania 23 and the 1 million was later returned as a bonus due to the success of WrestleMania 23. No further payment in connection with Trump has been discovered, we will have to remain patient before knowing more about the other payments.

For information, the Trump foundation was closed in 2018 after accusations of embezzlement: Trump allegedly used the money from donations to finance his presidential campaign and promote his company. Like what Vince McMahon will have financed the political campaign of Donald Trump as explained in our last article of 2018 on this subject.

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