You are currently viewing “40 cameras on site, police and firefighters”: this is how the Tomorrowland festival ensures the safety of its festival-goers

“40 cameras on site, police and firefighters”: this is how the Tomorrowland festival ensures the safety of its festival-goers

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In Boom, near Antwerp, the Tomorrowland festival begins its second weekend of festivities. Every day, the event welcomes no less than 90,000 people. How is security handled at a site of this magnitude?

Fiery DJ sets for a passionate audience. Tomorrowland, the most famous electronic music festival in the world welcomes 600,000 people over three weekends. And to ensure the safety of this little world, everything happens behind the scenes. “We are in the Event Control Center, the ECC. This is where all things are controlled by cameras. We have 40 cameras on the site on Dreamville and Tomorrowland. There are police officers, firefighters… C It is very important to have a lot of security on the festival”explains Debby Wilmsen, press officer at Tomorrowland.

This imposing surveillance is part of a device developed in the field. In all, 700 people take care of security on the Tomorrowland site. “We do searches before people enter the field. We also do preventive swiping and we also have plainclothes teams on the ground to observe people’s behavior”says Peter Muyshondt, commander of the local police area of ​​​​Rupel.

However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks. So, it’s up to the festival-goers to take their precautions. Some venture out with a backpack. The more cautious have their bananas or a small purse close to their body. “Generally, it’s to have your hands really free and to be able to dance as you want and not to take too much time either, and to have the bare necessities”notes a festival-goer.

To avoid theft, nothing better than to party lightly. And there again, Tomorrowland has planned it: 15 euros for the secure locker for the whole weekend. “We have his identity card, his mobile phone and for the rest, we are good for a good day at the festival. It’s a nice place where you really feel safe”assures the person who manages the lockers.

“There is a lot of benevolence, people are very nice, everyone loves each other, everyone is super smiling. It’s really a good state of mind”insists a festival-goer.

“It’s not like a football match with the risks. It’s a population that is here to party and not to bullshit”adds the head of the Rupel police zone.

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