You are currently viewing 4 Iconic James-Webb Images Electrified by Chandra Telescope Vision

4 Iconic James-Webb Images Electrified by Chandra Telescope Vision

Here are four iconic images taken by the James-Webb Telescope boosted with Chandra’s X-ray vision.

One has eyes to see in the infrared, the other in X-radiation. The first, the very recent James-Webb, reveals to us as never before the dark and cold matter, rich and fertile, which structure the galaxies, and the second, Chandra, has been enlightening astronomers for more than 20 years on high-energy phenomena, among the most powerful in the Universe.

Everyone looks at the cosmos in their own way, and combining the two was obvious, as has already been done several times recently with the photos of galaxies seen both by Webb and by Hubble. The Chandra space telescope, less known to the general public, is moreover customary to superimpose its observations with those of Hubble and also of radio telescopes which probe the depths of the same cosmic object. This offers researchers several levels of reading to understand these complex sets. A bit like studying your body in its external and visible aspect, then on other levels, inside, via MRIs, X-rays or probes.

A very promising collaboration

Here are the four achievements that demonstrate the relevance of looking together, in a certain way, at hot and cold, fire and ice. Four images revealed this summer and which have since become iconic, enriched here with data from Chandra. The observatory teams have declared that they want “combine the data from these telescopes for many different objects in the future”. Images that electrify the eyes!