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2K confirms user data theft in September hack

PARIS, Oct. 7 (Benin News / EP) –

2K Games alerted an unknown number of users who were affected by the hack that allowed access to the help desk in September and allegedly obtained information provided to the company.

A malicious actor obtained the credentials to access and from the 2K help service send emails to users with malicious link.. The investigation into this incident, which took place in September, concluded that he was able to access user information.

This would be information that the users themselves would have provided to the support team when they raised questions or issues, for example. email, assistant ID, gamertag and console details..

These data would have been copied for later sale. 2K assures, on its FAQ page, that bank details, passwords and game resources have not been affected by this unauthorized access.

The company began contacting people who received the email containing the malicious link, whether they clicked on it or not. But those who have done so have exposed themselves to password theft, which is why we advise them to “restart your computer and use cybersecurity best practices”, i.e. reset all passwords, enable a multi-factor authentication system, and use up-to-date antivirus.

The restart is the result of further research, and the company believes it will provide “additional malware protection.”