You are currently viewing 16 degrees on the shelves: in La Louvière, a supermarket cuts the heating to save money

16 degrees on the shelves: in La Louvière, a supermarket cuts the heating to save money

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In La Louvière, the manager of a supermarket has made a decision for this fall: to turn off the heating. In the aisles, now, there are 16 degrees instead of the usual 19.

“Everyone must pay attention to both their electrical energy consumption and their heating consumption”, believes Xavier. The manager of the supermarket already feels the difference: “The savings are substantial since we currently have a gas deposit of almost 5,000 euros per month, which still means a reduction of 50,000 euros in the charge, it’s huge for a supermarket”, he says. For Xavier, the zero thermostat will remain a reality until the cold weather arrives.

For the employees, the tasks in the store are therefore done in fleece. “It’s acceptable as long as it’s not too cold”, says an employee. For others who occupy more static positions, such as checkout hosts, an auxiliary heater has still been installed. “I understand the approach with the increase in energy prices… Even at home I don’t turn on the heating”she admits, without flinching.

In addition to savings, this measure has significant advantages: “This allows us to maintain a pleasant temperature that is not too hot to maintain the freshness of our fruit”concludes Xavier, the manager.

“To do the shopping, it’s not embarrassing”

At the customer level, in a very large majority, understanding is also required. “It’s colder outside, so we’re already dressing accordingly,” notes a client while another user concedes that “to do the shopping, it’s not embarrassing”. But others remain on the reserve: “it bothers me, before it was not like that”laments a regular. “Now we have to hurry to get out because it’s cold everywhere.” Only a few more weeks to go before the heating returns.