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16 apps to uninstall as quickly as possible from your smartphone – Geeko

Sixteen apps distributed through the Play Store breached Google’s security.

The security of Google’s app store is again in question by a new scandal. Security researchers have indeed discovered the presence of 16 applications infected with the “DawDropper” malware on the Play Store.

These apps are seemingly safe for your smartphone. They are presented as document scanners, voice call recorders, VPNs or photo editing software. Once installed, however, they infect your device with a dangerous virus called “DawDropper”. This has already wreaked havoc in several countries.

The virus in question is capable of recovering your contact list, your identifiers and passwords on all the apps used, your PIN code, your banking data and your banking data, but also carrying out actions on your device, such as carrying out operations or worse, block access to your smartphone.

If you have accidentally installed one of the following sixteen apps, you are strongly advised to uninstall it as soon as possible.

  • call recorder
  • VPN Rooster
  • Super Cleaner – hyper & smart
  • Document Scanner – PDF Creator
  • Universal Saver Pro
  • eagle photo editor
  • call recorder pro+
  • Extra Cleaner
  • Crypto Utils
  • FixCleaner
  • Just In: Video Motion
  • Lucky Cleaner
  • Simple Cleaner
  • Unicc QR Scanner
  • Document Scanner Pro
  • Conquer Darkness

Also remember to change your most important passwords and check that the security of your priority accounts (Google, Microsoft, Facebook) has not been affected.

In recent months, blunders of this type have multiplied on the Play Store. Hackers compete in ingenuity to bypass Play Store security and go so far as to create fully functional clones of well-known applications. More than ever, it is therefore necessary to reduce the installation of new software on your smartphone and to confine yourself preferably to apps from recognized companies.

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