You are currently viewing 12:30 p.m. news – Space: why are the Americans setting off again to conquer the Moon?

12:30 p.m. news – Space: why are the Americans setting off again to conquer the Moon?

The Americans are off to conquer the Moon! This week, we finally learned the launch date of the first Artemis 1 mission which will take off on August 29, or a few days later. Indeed, as is always the case, space takeoffs can be delayed due to the weather.

This first mission will be an unmanned flight of about forty days. But what does it consist of? One of our greatest astronauts, Jean-François Clervoy, answers the microphone of RTL, this Saturday July 23: “It is simply a mission that validates all systemsthe trajectory, the operations that we want to carry out in the next flight with the astronauts on board”, he explains.

Thus the flight will be carried out with the same vehicle as for a flight with an astronaut and the trajectory will go far enough, behind the Moon, up to 70,000 km. Artemis 2 is therefore scheduled for 2024 and will be the first mission with astronauts on board and will simply orbit the Moon.

Fifty years after the last lunar expedition, Apollo 17 in 1972, returning to the Moon this time will allow “stay longer in orbit and on the surface, especially near the South Pole where there are interesting things to find in the ground”, specifies the astronaut. “We hope to find enough water on the spot. to produce oxygen to breathe, perhaps fuel”, confides Jean-François Clervoy.

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