You are currently viewing “1+1 free” or “1,000 products for less than one euro” promotions?  Test Achats checked the purchasing power actions of supermarkets, here are the results

“1+1 free” or “1,000 products for less than one euro” promotions? Test Achats checked the purchasing power actions of supermarkets, here are the results

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As Test Achat wrote in a press release, supermarkets are trying to stand out by offering major actions in favor of household purchasing power: Delhaize’s Little Lions, the Brand Festival at Colruyt, the 1000 products at less than one euro or even the 100 prices blocked at Carrefour. The consumer organization has investigated the promotions offered online by supermarkets, and it is clear that some do not fulfill all their promises. Test Achats calls on supermarkets to be honest about their promotions, and not to take advantage of high inflation to mislead consumers

Promotions Fair

At a time when the prices of spaghetti, toilet paper, mustard and butter have risen so much that they now cost 30% more than a year ago, it’s more than ever worth keeping an eye on. on promotions. In this context, the consumer organization welcomes the various actions in favor of purchasing power organized by supermarket chains but does not stop there. She took a closer look at some of these actions on supermarket websites and it is clear that not all of them are transparent.

1000 products at less than one euro?

Carrefour, for example, speaks of “up to 1,000 products at less than €1”, but its website only lists 347 products, 104 of which are unavailable. It is off the mark…

Furthermore, a price comparison of 36 products shows that they already cost less than one euro before the promotion. Carrefour has not made any of its products cheaper, on the contrary, 11 products have even seen their prices increase, deplores Test Achats.

Another action of Carrefour leaves the organization perplexed: that of freezing the prices of 100 products for 100 days. After a quick glance at the Carrefour site, Test Achats only counted 58 of them. And of these, almost half (28) are already unavailable online.

2nd free?

Albert Heijn does not hesitate to inflate the figures either. The sign promises “on more than 1,000 products, the 2nd free”. In reality, it only seems to affect 53 products online. And when Test Achats takes a closer look, it appears that only 36 products allow you to receive a free second. For other products, the reduction is less than that announced.

NutriBoost less advantageous at Delhaize

Under the pretext of offering a greater reduction – it goes from 5 to 10% – Delhaize nevertheless risks having a negative impact on the purchasing power of many households. Indeed, those who have a SuperPlus card will no longer automatically benefit from a 5% reduction on all products with Nutriscore A and B. From now on, only those who spend at least €99/month will be entitled to a 10% reduction. , only on fresh produce with Nutriscore A and B the following month. Not very transparent in terms of communication, remarks Test Achats.

The good examples

Delhaize’s Petits Lions action is a more positive example: the selection contains 424 products and the assortment is a good sample of what can be found in supermarkets. For this action, the price of a number of products has been reduced. The Colruyt Brand Festival also seems to play fair. There are 137 less expensive products, but it is necessary to buy in larger quantities to benefit from the reduction.

“It is crucial, in these times of high inflation, to properly inform consumers about the promotions on offer”, says Julie Frère, spokesperson for Test Achats. “Consumers are legitimately looking for ways to reduce their spending, but between false promotions and misleading information, this task is made difficult for them. We ask all supermarket chains to be honest and transparent about their promotions, and not to mislead the consumer. We questioned Carrefour and Albert Heijn about this. We will remain extremely vigilant, and we will not fail to report any deception to the Economic Inspectorate,” she warns.

The unit price remains the best indicator

Although promotions can often be an indication of a lower price, Test Achats recommends always checking the unit price. This remains the best way to know if the promotion is really interesting, and to avoid pitfalls, such as shrinkflation (reduction of the quantity in the product without an increase in price).