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🔎 HTTP Server – Definition and Explanations


Protocol Stack
7 • Application
6 • Presentation
5 • Session
4 • Transportation (Transportation is the act of carrying something, or someone, from one place to another, the most…)
3 • Network (A computer network is a set of equipment linked together to exchange information…)
2 • Connection
1 • Physical (Physics (from the Greek φυσις, nature) is etymologically the…)
Model Internet (Internet is the global computer network that makes services available to the public…)
OSI model (The OSI model (from the English Open Systems Interconnection, “Interconnection of…)

A HTTP-server Where HTTP daemon Where HTTPd (HTTP-daemon) or (less precisely) Web serveris a software (In computing, software is a set of information relating to processing…) serving requests respecting the communication protocol (In computer networking and telecommunications, a communication protocol is a…) client server (The client/server architecture designates a mode of communication between several computers of a…) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (The HyperText Transfer Protocol, better known under the abbreviation HTTP, literally the…) (HTTP), which was developed for the world Wide Web (The World Wide Web, literally the “(spider’s) web…).

HTTP server and web server

The first HTTP server (a Next (NeXT Computer, Inc (now NeXT Software, Inc) was a computer company…) from CERN, 1991)

A computer (A computer is a machine equipped with a processing unit allowing it…) on which an HTTP server operates is called a web server. The term “web server” can also refer to the HTTP server (the software) itself. Both terms are used for software because the HTTP protocol was developed for the web and web pages are in practice still served using this protocol. Other web resources such as downloads or flow (The word flux (from the Latin fluxus, flow) generally designates a set of elements…) sound or video (The video brings together all the techniques, technology, allowing the recording as well as the…) are frequently used with other protocols.

HTTP server software

The most used HTTP servers are:

  • Apache HTTP Server Apache Software Foundation (The Apache Software Foundation is a non-profit organization that…)successor to NCSA HTTPd;
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) from Microsoft;
  • Sun (Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: SUNW) is a computer manufacturer and software publisher…) Java System Web Server Sun Microsystems (Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) is a computer manufacturer and software publisher…) (formerly iPlanet from Netscape, then Sun ONE from Sun Microsystems);
  • Zeus Web Server from Zeus Technology;
  • lighttpd by Jan Kneschke;
  • nginx by Igor Sysoev.

The most widely used HTTP server is Apache HTTP Server which serves about 60% of websites in 2007 according to netcraft (Netcraft is a company based in Bath, England. It specializes in…).

Historically, other important HTTP servers were CERN httpd, developed by the inventors of the Web, discontinued July 15, 1996, and NCSA HTTPd, developed at NCSA at the same time (Time is a concept developed by human beings to apprehend the…) as NCSA Mosaic, discontinued in mid-1994, as well as WebObjects.

There are also HTTP servers which are application servers capable of doing HTTP server, like Roxen Where caudium (Originally based on Roxen 1.3, the Caudium software is a powerful, multithreaded HTTP server…).